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Our Most Recent 'Awesome' Creations!

Should a child be judged on the basis of their marks?

We are in a system where marks are glorified and worshipped. Sometimes, even parents dont give importance to the interests of child and they feel proud, if the child is anxiously running in the mad race of being topper. Why can’t we as a society understand that the last bencher ...
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School Days – A Poem dedicated to our Childhood!

Holding hands of his dad, Started from home a lad. Entered a place life changing, For his well Being. And then he cried, But tears soon dried. Many friends he met up, Mind was very soon set up. And then was just joy and fun, There were toys like cars ...
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Even I had a Life

A leaf fell from the tree, The tea stall owner asked the reason for setting it free. Dripping the juice it started to recite, A story of glory it had quit. Once upon a time we were having many people, Sipping your tea, we saw many couples. Business ideas generating ...
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“We love our customers more than our products” Proves Hostinger!

I still remember the evening when I was about to select a “Hosting” package for the first time for my website(s). It was my birthday! Yes. It was 10th June 2017 and I was busy surfing the internet – firing instructions and commands to google to find me the best ...
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9 to 5 grind

Today I read something on internet i.e. “You are killing yourself for a job which will take no time to replace you if you die.” Isn’t it thought provoking? For a guy who recently got a job I do find it quite interesting. You see when you dedicate almost one ...
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Grinding Your Thoughts

We all have a plethora of thoughts that cloud our minds over many hours of the day. These thoughts could be random, structured and multi tiered, based on the content that defines them. On a regular day, these thoughts could be about routines, tight deadlines and maybe even impending and ...
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#TIMESUP, folks!

Last year, was a watershed moment for Hollywood, with Ashley Judd, Salma Hayek, Taylor Swift, Sarah Fowler, and other strong willed women from different walks of life coming out in the open and speaking without fear about the assault, abuse, and hatred they faced from sections of their fraternity, for ...
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Pessimism as a Springboard!

My conversations across the boardroom have always been filled with optimism that circulates through the vents of humanity; in a manner fulfilling and heartfelt. In regularity, I have always come to believe that #optimism might take us all to the zenith of success, as were strive to find our individuality ...
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