Even I had a Life

A leaf fell from the tree,

The tea stall owner asked the reason for setting it free.

Dripping the juice it started to recite,

A story of glory it had quit.

Once upon a time we were having many people,

Sipping your tea, we saw many couples.

Business ideas generating under my shade,

Along with the aroma of the tea which you made.

But now there is no one to care for us!

Mean Humans served their purpose.

And now all alone here we lay,

As now here is no one, no one to betray.

We listened to many stories, both good and sad.

Irrespective of the memories, either good or bad.

But now the silence which we are getting,

It is tough, seeing no more meetings.

Even your business is seeing a fall,

And today even I got the last call.

Thanks for the precious time we had,

Waving off a goodbye, with no more shade.

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