Pessimism as a Springboard!

My conversations across the boardroom have always been filled with optimism that circulates through the vents of humanity; in a manner fulfilling and heartfelt.

In regularity, I have always come to believe that #optimism might take us all to the zenith of success, as were strive to find our individuality among the sea of curious humanity. But then, I was brought down to earth when someone told me, pessimism could be your actual bet to a life better lived!

When did Pessimism cross the road?

A pessimist is someone who you’d befriend on a regular basis. Chances are he/she has a skewed opinion at everything that happens and everything that breathes. The glass is half empty always, with no chance of intermittent showers to fill it up.

But then, think about it? The pessimist has an opinion, which isn’t opaque and can always find ways to do things differently. Isn’t that true? Well, let’s dissect it:

– A pessimist can give you a viewpoint, unknown or unheard of. That’s brings in a new dimension of thinking, weird as it may seem

– A pessimist can make you trash your processes and look closely into rejigging them. Sometimes, it can put forward any fallacies that may have set in and assist in rectifying them

– There are no curtains of glee or rose tinted glasses in front of a pessimist. He/she says things which could pierce your heart and make you take a rain check on yourself

– Deep down, a pessimist could be an eternal optimist at heart. Sometimes, it’s important to spend them with them and recreate their ways of going about things, which they feel will turn up well in the end

– Look at the pessimist in the eye. The fire to prove himself/herself right will always be there, since they live separately and love disparately

Well, what do you know? The pessimist can show you a life sewn on the fabric that is dipped in the dye of optimism. His/her pessimism is a way to approach a certain instance of life in a manner varied from the other.

Time to give pessimism a chance, with optimism as an outcome in the longer run.

#PessimismBegetsTheOptimist by @harryrockerz

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Abhishek Haridasan

Trailblazer, Empathizer, Blogger, Dream Builder, Task Digger and Palate Pleaser! #LotsToDo #LittleTime indeed!

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Abhishek Haridasan

Trailblazer, Empathizer, Blogger, Dream Builder, Task Digger and Palate Pleaser! #LotsToDo #LittleTime indeed!

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