School Days – A Poem dedicated to our Childhood!

Holding hands of his dad,
Started from home a lad.
Entered a place life changing,
For his well Being.

And then he cried,
But tears soon dried.
Many friends he met up,
Mind was very soon set up.

And then was just joy and fun,
There were toys like cars and gun.
And there were some shapes to draw,
And fun that makes him crawl.

And soon days passed,
He grew up so fast.
And then there was a different kind of joy,
From a kid now he was a boy.

Games, sports,
Race on roads.
A gang was built for a lifetime,
It was time for him to shine.

And then such days continued,
Though there were some feuds.
But school life was like a treasure,
Joys which can’t be measured.

Dedicated to my old school,
The school which was very cool.
I still remember the days I spent,
Memories will stay until life’s end.

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